Keystone Homeowners Association

Outline of Covenants

Purpose: "Amongst the purposes for such Deed Restrictions and Restrictive Covenants is the establishment of a subdivision of quality homes neat in appearance and well maintained and in full compliance with Applicable Meridian Township Code and State and Federal Law."

Property Upkeep Requirements

  1. Owners shall NOT permit weeds, underbrush or unsightly growth.
  2. Owners shall NOT leave unsightly refuse piles on lot.
  3. Owners shall NOT leave unsightly objects on lot.

    Failure to adhere to these covenants shall result in the removal of items and maintenance of property by the Keystone Association. Owners shall be charged for any fees payable within thirty days ( Liber 1611 751)

  4. Recreational or commercial vehicles shall not be (permanently) parked on owner lot. (Liber 1611 pg 752)
  5. The exterior of any home, outbuilding or fence shall be reasonably maintained to prevent an unsightly appearance. (Liber 1611 pg.752)
    1. Home projects must be completed within a reasonable time frame. (Liber 1611 pg 752)
    2. Holiday decorations/displays shall be removed within a reasonable time frame. (Liber 1161 pg.752)

Property Restrictions

  1. Commercials signs or advertising are not allowed on any lot. Political signs are allowed for no more than 30 days prior to election and must be removed two days after election. "For Sale" signs are allowed and must be removed two days after sale of the property. (Liber 1611 pg 742)
  2. Lot owners shall not act in any way which results in unreasonable disturbance of the private enjoyment of property owners and guests. (Liber 1611 pg 748)
  3. Pets shall not roam free in the subdivision. (Liber 1611 pg 749)
  4. No above ground pools (Liber 1161 pg 749
  5. Swing sets, slides and approved outbuildings are allowed in back yards only and may require board approval. (Liber 1611 pg 750)

Issues Requiring Board Approval

All requests requiring Board approval must comply with Meridian Township code(s).

  1. Special landscaping or fencing (Liber1611 pg. 744)
  2. In ground pools (Liber1611 pg. 749)
  3. Tennis Courts (Liber 1611 pg 750)
  4. Outbuildings (Liber 1611 pg 750)

Association Dues and Liens

  1. Owners shall pay a yearly assessment (dues) (Liber 1611 pg 755) (Art II Homeowner Bylaws)
  2. Any lot owner refusing to satisfy and discharge any lien within 30 days, the Association has the right to add interest, allowed by Michigan law, and shall be entitled to receive costs of reinforcement and collection. (Liber 1611 pg. 757)
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