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Keystone is a very safe neighborhood, however break-ins and other crimes do occassionally occur. The information below will help you keep your home and family safe.

Police Phone Number

The Meridian Township Police Department non-emergency phone number is 517-332-6526. In emergencies, always dial 911.


Most break-ins happen during the day (when homeowners are likely to be out of the house). If you see someone acting suspiciously, call the police. People posing as door-to-door solicitors may be attempting to determine whether a house has valuables or whether anyone is home. One common approach is for criminals to back a vehicle into a driveway, break in through the back of the house, gather valuables, load their vehicle through the garage, and drive off.


Door-to-door solicitors are licensed by the township. If you are suspicious, ask the solicitor for their license. If they fail to produce a valid Meridian Township license (East Lansing licenses are not valid in Keystone), do not give them any money or sign anything. After they leave, call the Meridian Township Police Department at 517-332-6526. Calls are anonymous (you are not required to leave your name or identify yourself), but be prepared to describe the suspicious individual and their present location so that the police can locate them.

For more information, please see Meridian Townships's Vendor's License page.

Property Watch

When going on vacation, call the Meridian Township Police Department at 517-332-6526 and ask to be put on the Property Watch list. Officers will stop by your house while you are away and walk around it to look for signs that a break-in has occurred. If they find anything suspicious, they will call the phone number you leave with them.

For more tips on ways to keep your house safe while you're away, please review the Meridian Townships Police Department's Vacation Check List.

Police Alerts via Nixle

The Meridian Township Police Department uses Nixle to provide updates to the community. You can read alerts on the Police Department's Nixle page, or sign up to receive the email or text message messages when something happens in our area.


The Police Department publishes quarterly and annual statistics on crime in Meridian Township, however detailed information on Keystone is not available online.

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